#4 Antifragility

Wednesday, April 8, 2020 0 comments
Antifragility Unless you have a rare hashtagstartup that is growing profitably and/or have solutions which may even experience increased demand in this market, we would advise you to: 1. Immediately cut all non-essential costs and freeze new hiring 2. Re-evaluate your customer churn assumptions and sales pipelines, as some of your customers will be fighting for survival and will have to cut massive costs 3. Consider your forward budget with a dose of ultra-realism and make sure your business will survive for at least 12 months even in the worst-case scenario 4. Remember to explore innovative, perhaps even radical, ways to secure new customers and deliver value 5. Lastly, we assume you have already taken the necessary precautions insuring your team’s health and ability to work productively in the new context. P.S. Too many companies are too optimistic. We encourage everyone to think of alternative future scenarios. Make sure your business is able to survive even the worst course of events. This is not pessimistic thinking but rather, proactive and realistic planning. hashtaghoneycombsoft

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