#7 Reduce Product Development Costs in Your Startup

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Draw Up Your Requirements

You should take the time to draw up a requirements analysis. This is like a business plan for your development team. This will streamline the development process and serve as a roadmap for your developers. 

Always simplify and reduce complexity

Clients want software easy and intuitive to use. Quite often engineers, in their desire to create innovation,  add more features than needed for a quick launch. Most startups set up goals to develop tons of features and functionalities of products most of which they don’t really need. They may decide that they want to build something just because their competitors have it. Focusing on the features that are really important for your clients will help eliminate complexity. Fewer features for more simplicity.

Concentrate effort in the planning stage

Quite often developers prefer to pass through the planning stage as fast as they can. They rush to start designing and developing as soon as possible. This approach might cause real risks for your startup sustainability in the future. To avoid such risks you have to spend more time clarifying the scope, visualizing the problem that needs to be solved, and brainstorming ideas on how to solve it. Getting to grips with the project from the start will reduce the need for complicated and costly iterations, revisions, and improvements further down the road.

User acceptance testing

The worst scenario is when your software is designed in a way that your users find it confusing or do not even understand how it works. Creating a user-friendly software product could become extremely expensive. This is why early user acceptance testing could help you decrease development costs. User acceptance testing is more effective after unit testing and functional testing but could be used as early as the prototyping stage. The best way to initiate testing is to build test scenarios around user journeys or personas and have either an industry expert or a user experience expert run the tests. 

Invest in QA

Quality assurance can help you decrease your development substantially. It’s always a good idea to implement QA early on. You have to engage QA experts at the system definition phase to weigh in on functional and nonfunctional requirements. It will be easier for them to design relevant testing procedures as well. Also, QA has to point out if requirements are testable.

Honeycomb Software has a solid track record developing projects from scratch using the “CTO-as-a-Service” approach. This means that we do not augment the developer’s team for startups but offer consulting as an integral part of our service. 

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