#1 How do we act during quarantine

Friday, March 27, 2020 0 comments

There is currently a lot of anxiety, stress, and uncertainty related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We are following the recommendations and measures put in place by the World Health Organization (WHO) and local governments where we and our customers operate.

In addition, we put forward guidelines for Honeycomb Software stakeholders on how to act in this unusual situation. Based on our company values and strategy we operate remote-first and as a self-managed company.

Nevertheless, we feel obliged to remind everyone of our policies:
Honeycomb Software is a remote-first company meaning that any meeting that is scheduled onsite can be performed remotely (we use #MSTeams which Microsoft has decided to offer for free during this challenging time).
Also a few new ground rules with regards to the current situation:
➡Obligatory quarantine – work remotely, not in our offices. No exceptions
➡Meetings – every meeting must have an online option. That includes both internal and external meetings out of respect for others

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